Calcium Chloride

CAS NO : 7440-70-2

HSN CODE : 28272000

Chemical Formula : CaCL2

Molecular weight : 110.98 gm/mol

Diwa Innovations Private Limited manufactures solid calcium chloride by the process of limestone and hydrochloric acid, to ensures high levels of purity and consistency for our products. Solid calcium chloride is a concentrated product having portability advantages over our liquid product, which is again resulted in low cost transportation.

Introduction | Industrial Applications | Grades Available | Handling and Storage | Safety & Environment


Calcium Chloride is a white crystalline salt. It is very soluble in water, extremely hygroscopic and liberates large amount of heat during water absorption and on dissociation it forms series of hydrates containing one, two, four and six moles of water per mole of Calcium chloride.

We offer solid and liquid calcium chloride with different grades and used vastly in various industry like oil and gas industry, rubber manufacturing, construction industry, mining industry, and food and pharmaceutical industries for example.

Industrial Applications

  • In oil and gas well drilling
  • As a coagulant in rubber Manufacturing
  • As an accelerator in the ready mix concrete industry
  • In de-icing during winter
  • As drying agent, food additive and also in pharmaceuticals
  • As a post-harvest dip to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables (agriculture application)
  • Calcium chloride can also be applied to remove other unnecessary organisms from industrial wastewaters, e.g., soluble phosphates can be precipitated as calcium phosphate and sulphate as calcium sulphate (gypsum).

Grades Available

At Diwa Innovations Private Limited Calcium Chloride is available in different grades as following details.

  • CaCl2 74% - Fused(Lumps)Powder
  • CaCl2 94% - Fused(Lumps)Powder

Handling and Storage

Calcium chloride is not categorized as a risky material, that’s why, special handling regulations is not an issue. The various modes of transportation include: bulk rail cars (30-90 t), bulk trucks (up to 20 t), box rail cars, and van flatbed trailers. Dry bulk calcium chloride can be stored in bins fabricated from most construction-grade steel materials. Storing Calcium Chloride in moisture free environment is advisable. Though calcium chloride is hygroscopic, the common safety precautions should be taken to handle: wearing gloves, boots, long-sleeve shirts, and safety glasses, and if dry products are being handled, dust protection must be insured.

Safety & Environment

Safety & Environment is the first requirement. Since calcium chloride is classed as an 'irritant', it is necessary to observe certain elementary precautions. These include:

  • Don't place the skin in prolonged contact with CACL2 or any of its solutions
  • Use water, preferably lukewarm, to thoroughly rinse any part of the body affected by this product
  • Wear gloves made from rubber or plastic
  • Avoid any inhalation of CACL2 dust
  • Wear protective glasses when handling CACL2
  • Avoid working with equipment made from leather